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You have 60 minutes to escape.

Find all of the clues & solve the puzzles!

You’ve escaped! (…or have you?)


2 Players: R480   |   3 Players: R660   |   4 Players: R880   |

5 Players: R1000   |   6 Players: R1200   |   7 Players: R1400   |   8 Players: R1600

Saving Sherlock

Difficulty Rating:

Players: 2-8 people
The Ripper strikes again, and this time he has taken the legendary Sherlock Holmes. You and your team have been chosen to be sent back in time and save Sherlock! Sherlock left a trail of clues and puzzles before his disappearance and you need to solve them before its too late. Quickly, only you and your team can correct history!

Cabin in the Woods

Difficulty Rating:

Players: 2-8 people
You and your team are infamous jewellery thieves, and are seconds away from the perfect getaway heist when you get a weird phone call from an unknown caller. The strange request is that you find an ‘abandoned’ cabin in the woods which carries mysterious house wives tales and folk lore. You need to break in, steal an ancient artifact and get out within the 60 minutes and you and your team will be paid with riches that will send you straight into early retirement. Get out in time, or legend has it that the cabin will disappear and lock you in for eternity.


 Our team really enjoyed the whole experience and totally stoked that we made it out of the cabin in time. Will have to come back and do the Sherlock room soon.
And the service from the whole team was excellent and made the whole experience an absolute pleasure.

Natalie Gossman

Amazing experience! The attention to detail in the Saving Sherlock room was incredible. I loved all the old style decor. We really enjoyed our 59 minutes  in the room and will be back to try out Cabin in the woods.

Shaneen Talia Frank

So much fun! Our whole group really enjoyed it! Can’t wait to come back to do the second room! Thank you so much for everything-I highly recommend this experience to all! 

Tamsyn Collison

Definitely the most fun room in durbz. Awesome staff and very helpful every step of the way. Thanx guys. We cant wait for cabin in the woods when we come this side again. If i could. I would give it a 10 star rating

Michael Perkins

What an awesome way to spend an hour! Feels like you really have travelled through time to a different place. I loved the challenge of trying to figure things out – it really forces you to think creatively. I can’t wait to see what rooms you create next! I will definitely be back

Sarah Dean



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